Lally School’s NEW One Year MBA Program

The Lally School of Management & Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has launched a new one year MBA Program. Patterned after global MBA programs that are the norm outside the U.S., the new 51-credit hour program replaces the school’s previous 2-year MBA degree program.

The new MBA program was developed by a senior faculty committee comprised of Lally Dean David A. Gautschi, Dr. Jeffrey F. Durgee, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Associate Professor of Marketing, Dr. Iftekhar Hasan, Cary L. Wellington Professor of Finance, and Dr. T. Ravichandran, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management.

The new program reflects the growing trend toward accelerated and specialized master’s programs in management education. The demand for intensive, shorter MBA programs, already growing, has only increased during the current economic downturn. According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey of accelerated MBA programs, the primary factor for students in choosing these programs is the ability to enter the work force faster. The majority of current one year MBA programs are outside the U.S., and the international focus is a large draw for many students. Lally’s new intensive MBA program not only offers students an accelerated way to boost their careers, but also reflects the globalization of technology management and the global demand for MBA degrees.

The new program enables students to complete an MBA degree in as little as one year by streamlining elective requirements and offering coursework through the summer and semester intercession periods. The accelerated program will continue to teach Lally’s signature integrated MBA curriculum, which emphasizes the connections between functional business areas, preparing students for real world situations where they will work on teams across business functions such as finance, operations, research & development and marketing.

Lally MBA students can choose from four different program options, ranging from 12 to 24 months, and a wide variety of curricular options to build a customized degree program. For those looking for accelerated training, with a minimum disruption of their career path and maximum value, the New, One Year, Full Time option is the most intensive and shortest degree program. For students who want to gain more work experience or to change careers, internship and specialization modules can be added to create an MBA tailored for each student’s needs and career goals. Customized MBA programs can be completed within 17 to 24 months at the Lally School. For further information on the Lally School of Management & Technology and the MBA programs offered visit:

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