Lally MBA Students Travel to NYC to Meet with Alums for Career Day

Upon arriving in Manhattan, the Lally MBA student’s first stop was the Goldman Sachs’ new headquarters, adjacent to the World Trade Center site. The Lally students spent their morning with Kenneth J. Dupuis ’99 of Goldman Sachs. Dupuis talked with the MBA students about his career at Goldman and the history of the firm. He also shared career tips and interview suggestions, discussed “how to sell yourself,” and strategies to use resumes and social networking to succeed in the job search process.

At lunch and throughout the day, the Lally MBA students were joined by a number of other alumni hosts, including Sara Stylinski ’09, Business Analyst at Bank of America; Reed Kipp ’09, Analyst at Ernst & Young; Mike Weiner ’89 MS ‘91 Director of Engineering Recruiting and Training at FactSet Research Systems, and Mary Jo Sorentino ‘08 Actuary at Chartis Insurance. During lunch, the alums talked informally with small groups of Lally’s MBA students about the pros and cons of different careers, life in New York as a new employee, how to prepare for the transition to a career, and also personal job hunt and interviewing tips.

After lunch, the Lally students broke into groups for corporate visits according to their area of interest. Lally Professor Jeff Durgee accompanied a group to midtown to visit Richy Glassberg ’85 Executive VP Media Sales Group at TV Guide to learn about Careers in Media. Another group of Lally MBA students stayed at Goldman Sachs to learn more about finance, and got to visit Goldman’s trading floor. Other groups went to Bank of America with Sara Stylinski, Ernst & Young with Reed Kipp, and with Beth Macey to visit the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Alexander Bringsjord ’11 commented on his experience: “I was one of the three MBA students who met with Reed Kipp from Ernst & Young. It was very refreshing to be able to meet with someone who was right out of RPI and had only been working in finance-related fields for about a year. It was great to make a connection that hit so close to home. He gave my fellow students and me valuable insight in terms of looking to the future.”

Bringsjord continued, “I gained a lot of strategic information about internships, and what companies such as Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young are looking for in young employees. I learned what I should and shouldn't be doing to further my chances in those respects, while still in school. I would absolutely recommend to future MBA students to go on the trip. If a student is interested in a career on Wall Street it would be intelligent to take advantage of this trip; it really gave me a solid idea of what the culture of that type of work is like, and made my desires to enter the world of finance even stronger.”

Bringsjord added, “You can't get the feel for what a finance-related career is like in a classroom. Sure, you can get an idea of the type of work you'll be doing, but the classroom atmosphere doesn't prepare you for the hustle and bustle of the financial world like this trip does.”

“This event grows each year,” commented Lally Associate Dean Jeff Durgee. “Next year, we would like to have even more of our great City alumni “adopt” a student or two for lunch and a visit to their offices.”

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