Marshall Carter, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, Teaches Leadership at the Lally School of Management & Technology

Drawing upon his career experience of a hostile takeover attempt when he was serving as the as the CEO of State Street Bank, Carter conducted an experiential leadership case study seminar, at the Lally School of Management & Technology challenging MBA students to develop on-the-spot presentations for the Board a takeover target company that finds itself in a crisis situation.

Mashall N. Carter is Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange Group and Deputy Chairman of the parent company NYSE Euronext. He has served as a director of the New York Stock Exchange since November 2003. NYSE Euronext, a transatlantic exchange group that includes both the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), is the world’s leading and most liquid exchange group, with both the highest average daily value of cash trading and the largest market capitalization of listed operating companies. During 2008, 42% of the world’s cash equities trading volume took place on NYSE Euronext exchanges.

Before joining the NYSE, Mr. Carter served as Chairman and CEO of State Street Bank. Prior to State Street, Mr. Carter was with Chase Manhattan Bank for 15 years, in positions related to finance, operations and global securities businesses. A former Marine Corps officer who was awarded the Navy Cross and Purple Heart during two years’ service as an infantry officer in Vietnam, Mr. Carter served from 1975-76 as a White House Fellow at the State Department and Agency for International Development.
In Fall 2009, Carter delivered the Jerome S. Reinert ’56 Visiting Executive Series lecture entitled Navigating a Perfect Storm—Regaining Our Bearings After the Global Financial Crisis.” More than 300 students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community professionals attended the lecture at Rensselaer’s EMPAC venue.

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The Lally School of Management & Technology was founded in 1963 as an integral part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, America’s oldest technological university.  Building on Rensselaer's world-class facilities and leadership in science and engineering, Lally is dedicated to advancing business through innovation.  Lally offers graduate, doctoral and undergraduate degree programs in management, a full time One Year MBA and an executive MBA program.  Lally’s programs focus on the strategic management of technology and creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship. Located in New York’s Tech Valley, Lally offers a growing portfolio of collaborative programs with enterprises and academic institutions in the Indian sub-continent, China, Europe, and the Middle East. Lally continues to deliver high-quality business education in one of the most personalized classroom settings of all the top MBA programs. Of the best MBA programs eligible for ranking by Business Week, Lally’s program ranked #34 in top undergraduate business programs overall.

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