Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Admission

1. How Can I Learn if Lally is Right for Me?
Come visit our campus!
We welcome the opportunity to host you at our beautiful campus in Troy, New York! The small-town environment is near some of the country’s most amazing attractions--the Adirondack Mountains sit only 30 miles north and offer a wide variety of outdoor activities, and New York City is only a two-hour train ride down the scenic Hudson River.We are also within driving distance of Boston and Montreal.
We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to see the campus and learn more about Lally, including class visits, campus tours, open houses, and a host of interesting speakers and exciting events.To Learn More: Representatives from the Lally School are available to consult with you regarding your interest in the MBA Program, and to help you learn more about the application process.Please contact us at, or 518.276.6565.
2. Where do I apply?
You can fill out the application here:Admissions.
With this, you must provide 2 essays and your CV (resume) and supply the contact information for 2 recommenders (faculty preferred, but supervisors will also be accepted). Once you have submitted the application, you must request official transcripts proving your Bachelor’s degree that must be sent from the college to RPI:Graduate Admissions, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY12180
3. What are the Requirements?
MBA Application
2 Essays
GMAT scores*
Undergraduate Transcripts
2 letters of recommendation from professors and employers
TOEFL scores for International applicants (2757)
An interview with Lally MBA Admissions
4. What is the deadline for fall 2010 application?
June 15th
5. Does Lally require the GMAT?
We will accept the GMAT or GRE. Please do not send us an email asking if you will be admitted based on your scores. We strive to compile a diverse group of individuals with a range of scores. If we feel you should retake the test, we will notify you and put you on a waitlist until the new score is received. You can find out where to take the GMAT here:
6. Who is required to take the TOEFL?
It is a requirement of all students who do not have a U.S. Bachelor’s degree. Exceptions are made to students from Australia, Canada and the U.K.
7. What are the tuition and fees?
Fees and tuition costs can be found here: Lally School
8. Does Lally offer scholarships?
We offer financial aid (scholarship) for a portion of the full-time MBA tuition based on merit, but it does not include additional aid for housing, books, fees and living expenses.
We also have fellowships for full-time MBA students. One is for students whose emphasis is in manufacturing.  The Herman Fellowship is for domestic women with an interest in entrpeneurship.
We support veterans through the Yellow Ribbon program and the GI Bill.
Our largest full-time MBA scholarship is through the Lally Innovation Competition: scholarships.
 9. What is the difference between an MS degree and an MBA?
The MS programs are one year (30 credits), and are designed to enhance your learning in a specific area of knowledge.  We offer three MS options:
1.Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
2.Financial Engineering and Risk Analytics
3.General Management with the option of focusing in a functional area, e.g., operations.
At this time there is no financial aid available for MS students.
All of these options to specialize are also available in the MBA program. The MBA program offers a broader education in business fundamentals, in addition to a specific focus, allowing for a diverse and comprehensive educational program. A variety of student services are available to our MBA students, and, as a result of their degree from the Lally School, possess exceptional career potential. The full-time MBA program offers a variety of funding mechanisms including financial aid based on merit, privately funded scholarships, and an opportunity to compete for a scholarship through the Lally Innovation Competition.
10. What is the difference between the MBA program, Evening MBA and Executive MBA program?
The Executive MBA is a 17-month, 48-credit program for working professionals who are currently in an executive position. Classes are taught all day on Friday and Saturday only every other week. Limited financial aid is available for the EMBA.
The Evening MBA program is designed for working professionals. This is a 51-credit program that can be completed on a part-time basis in 2-4 years. There is no financial aid available for part-time students.
The Full-time MBA program is 51 credits, with the flexibility to customize around your career goals. This program can be completed in as little one calendar year. Financial aid is available.
11. Who can I contact to get more information?
Gabriela Sheehan, Assistant Director of MBA/MS Admissions: 518.276.6496 /
Laureen Beach, Program Director, Executive MBA: 518.276. 3679 /

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