The Lally Doctoral Program

The Lally Doctoral experience is a time for intellectual exploration and challenge that gives students new confidence and understanding about how they can make a difference. At Lally, a premium is placed on collaboration, building research networks, and understanding that the nature of contemporary management scholarship reaches beyond disciplinary boundaries to make a significant contribution to management theory.

Lally’s business programs
stress building in-depth understandings and an appreciation of research processes and skills required for scholarship in innovation management and entrepreneurship, as well as gaining a deep understanding of the relevant theoretical and empirical literature in the student's selected area of concentration.

Doctoral students are expected to conduct research on challenging real-world problems, and are encouraged to connect with Rensselaer scientists and engineers as well as those in the electronic media, arts and sciences, and technology studies disciplines, to bring broader understanding to their research endeavors.

The Lally business program, by necessity, requires a strong working relationship between the student and faculty in the area(s) the student chooses. At Lally, faculty takes an active role in shaping the student's program and monitoring their process. It is expected and encouraged that students attend academic conferences, doctoral consortia, and write papers with faculty. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of the process is the mentoring relationship that evolves with the dissertation committee. Thus, by participating in professional meetings, by writing and presenting papers, and by interacting with the dissertation advisor and committee, a student is provided information and experience as a model for academic career success.

There is an increasing emphasis placed upon teaching skills at all universities and colleges, and teaching is emphasized in recent publications of the AACSB. For these reasons, and because high standards of teaching at Rensselaer are part of our culture, there are many opportunities for students to learn and develop their teaching skills. 

To further broaden student development students attend seminars presented by prospective faculty members, current faculty, visiting faculty, and executives from participation in academic conferences, and meetings with business practitioners. In addition, students can participate in a journal club where current articles are informally critiqued. Several social events are held throughout the year to encourage cooperative activity among Ph.D. students and to build social and information networks that will be helpful in the future for assisting in job searches and developing research programs

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